Saturday, January 26, 2013

Products you need in your life...

K so i am not doing a video tutorial today because I want to talk about a couple of products you need to own and the reasons why you need to own them.

1. 2 brushes... MAC's 239 and 224
they are about $20 and $30 respectively but you can find the first one at michaels for $3. The 224 brush you just have to purchase from MAC full price.


The reason you need this super expensive blending brush is because your makeup will never look as good without using this brush. Put it on your birthday present list because you need it. The other good thing about this brush is that it should last you YEARS (I've had mine for over 8 years). Its is something that you don't need to replace constantly. Its is a one time investment (unless you lose it of course).

2. Fix plus from MAC. Its about $20 and you can make it last for up to 2 years. I use it before I apply my makeup to moisturize, during my makeup application (if my foundation feels too dry, I mix it with some fix plus to moisten it) and as a finishing spray to hold your makeup on your face.

There are some tutorials out there on how to make it for cheap in case you're into diy-ing.

3. eyeshadow primer in painterly. Its also about $20 and same as fix plus, you can make it last up to 2 years. You put it on your eyelids up to your eyebrows before you start your eyeshadow so your eyeshadow has something to stick to. You need this, period and I don't know of anything better or cheaper than this.

Other than these three (4) things, you dont need to spend a lot of money in your makeup and specially if you feel like you already have a good collection youre set.

So... if you dont feel like going to the mall, Nordstrom has free shipping on anything, even if you only buy one of these items at a time, its FREE shipping on anything all the time... love it!
Good luck ladies!! 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

How to pencil in your eyebrows

Its makeup time again. I am the brow queen and LOVE to pencil in eyebrows. I feel like eyebrows can help make your face more symmetrical and it just completes your makeup look. 
I hope you enjoy this video and I challenge you to try and fill in your brows with whatever you have at home (a neutral greyish brown eyeshadow or a pencil) and see how you like it. 
PS. This is the first tutorial I ever made so I kinda sound like a robot right at the beginning. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Its time for a pop

Its been so gloomy these past couple of days that 
I just needed a little color in my life. 
This tutorial will teach you how to incorporate ANY 
bright color into your daily routine of browns. 

Next time you get stuck doing the same eyeshadow as always, 
remember to just grab a fun color and pop it in the middle of your eyelid. 
I hope this tutorial helps you be more daring with your makeup.

Product I used: 
Eye primer: Painterly
inner corner: blanc type
bright orange: orange
brown: handwritten
blush: peachtwist
Lipstick: girl about town
gloss: limited edition

Friday, January 4, 2013


I know its winter but I coudnt help it but make this tutorial probably because I just want it to be warm again (not that this 60 degree weather isnt warm to some of you). 
I chose this look from the MAC facebook page and I am excited to share this with you and hope you try it some time in the next few months. 

Makeup I used:
foundation: MAC mineralized satin liquid (discontinued) 
brows: clear wax, spiked liner, clear gel
eyeliner: penultimate
mascara: haute and naughty
lips: primer, pink pencil, lustering lipstick